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General Information

Operating Times
Hours 7.30am to 6pmMonday to Friday
Public Holidays The Centre does not open on most State Government approved Public Holidays.           
Annual Closure The Centre closes for 2-3 weeks over the Christmas/New Year period

For the current fee structure email or telephone the coordinator. Fees will increase in July of every year not the beginning. The subscription fee for membership of the association for each family is $5.50 per year.
A refundable enrolment deposit of $100 is payable within two weeks of commencement.
Occasional Care must be paid for on the day of care unless prior arrangements have been made with the Co-ordinator.

Education, Learning and Improvement fund
In 2005 the Committee of Management decided to establish an Education, Learning and Improvement Fund (ELI Fund). The aim of this fund is to ensure that the Beechworth Community Child Care Centre (BCCCC) is able to maintain, replace and develop the equipment and facilities used by the children and staff.

To operate the ELI Fund the Committee has decided to collect the sum of $1.00 per family per week. This fee will be added to the weekly childcare fee. In this way the burden of contributing to the ELI Fund will be spread throughout the year. Money from fundraising activities will also be directed to the ELI fund.

Families wishing to use the Centre are advised to phone or call in to discuss their needs with the Co-ordinator and to complete the Request for Care form. Regulations require that each child have a completed enrolment form before being left in care.

Immunisation records must be completed and updated as necessary.

For many children, attendance at childcare may be their first experience of separation from their parents. Most children do experience some anxiety at leaving their parents for the first time so it is important that both staff and parents work together to enable a successful adjustment. We encourage parents to bring their child to the centre prior to the actual commencement of care for a short period. This assists the child to become familiar with the Centre's routines and staff members. Parents are free to arrange as many visits as they feel their child may require. This depends on both the child and the family circumstances (eg. the age of the child, previous attendance at child care etc).

There are illnesses which do, by regulation, require exclusion of children from the Centre for certain periods. In some instances it may also be necessary to obtain a medical certificate from a qualified medical practitioner before a child returns to the Centre.

Parents are advised not to bring their child to the Centre if:

Parents are required to notify the Co-ordinator of the onset of any illness in order that other users of the Centre may be notified by placing a notice in the front of the Centre. We believe that sick children recover best in the comfort of their own home. Please do not put the health of other children or the staff at risk.