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What to Bring

Please name All items to prevent loss or confusion.

All Ages
Each child needs to bring a bag (not plastic) with a handle that will hang on a hook

  1. A named drink bottle for access to water during the day.
  2. Two full changes of clothing each day, including socks and underwear
  3. On sunny days:  a Sunsmart approved hat
  4. On cool or cold days: a warm coat, jacket or jumper a warm hat
  5. On rainy days: raincoat, hats, and gumboots slippers for inside
  6. Any security objects such as teddy, dummy or blanket

3 months to 2 years
A nappy (cloth or disposable) to wear home (please include pins and pilchers/plastics for cloth nappies),
own named bottles and any special cup or drink containers eg Mag Mag Cup

2-3 years
If in nappies a nappy (cloth or disposable) to wear home
If toilet training is not complete, several pairs of trainer pants and clothing (including socks and spare shoes).

Please do not send food such as biscuits, sweets or chips or flavoured milk, fruit juice or cordial in bottles as nutritious meals, snacks, milk and water are provided.