Programs & Facilities

In all our rooms we program for each child individually. We do this by observing each child, noting their actions and abilities, their strengths and what challenges they are ready for. The activities we plan are developmentally appropriate.

Each day we communicate with parents about what has happened in our room. We share the highlights of each day by writing comments for parents to read. Educators will communicate with families about some of the meaningful activities and interactions of the day.

Babies Room

6 Weeks to 24 months / 2 carers to 8 babies

Care is provided by a familiar carer, who familiarises themselves with your baby and with whom your child can relate to and learn to trust while feeling safe and secure in their new environment. The childcare professionals take many opportunities for one-to-one interactions with your child, including during care routines such as nappy changes, toileting, dressing, eating and sleeping/rest times. These times are used to talk with your child and to build positive, trusting relations with them.

There is a lot of comforting physical contact between the child care professionals and your baby, such as being cuddled and being held while having a bottle. Your baby’s distress signals such as crying or becoming frustrated are responded to by the child care professionals in ways that are timely, comforting and appropriate.

You will need to bring bottles made up and labelled, and any special food your baby may require in a bag. A spare set of clothes and summer hat are also needed. We supply nappies, food and sunscreen.

Toddler Room

2 years – 3 years / 2 carers to 10 children.

Activities such as outdoor play, ball games, riding bike and climbing on equipment all extend the toddlers gross motor skills.

Pegboards, painting, play dough, drawing with crayons and puzzles are all planned for refining and developing fine motor skills.

Language and listening skills are planned for group times – stories, songs, reading books, puppets, finger plays and creative transitions between activities.

Of course, we will also share important information about the children’s food intake, toileting and rest time.

It is important to us that you feel comfortable coming to us to ask questions about your child and their day and how they are feeling. Please let us know if there is something that may affect your child‘s behaviour during the day like teething, lack of sleep etc.

Pre School Room

4 years / 2 staff to 24 Children.

We believe children learn through play and activities are presented for pre-writing, pre-reading and early math that children will find fun and stimulating. All their favourite activities are available to the children – sand and water play, shape sorting, painting, play dough and glueing activities, which all increase fine motor and manipulative development.

Social interaction occurs through group play. We focus on offering activities that help develop resilience, emotional regulation and pro-social choices. By the age of four children are beginning to develop friendships and are very social, they enjoy role playing and imaginative play. Home corner is a busy part of the room!

You are always very welcome to join in the activities in the room or come in and spend time with us- you may like to share a skill with us, cooking, storytelling, music etc. We appreciate your input to the program and you are welcome to make suggestions at any time.

Outdoor Play Area

Our large backyard and play area have appropriate equipment for all our age groups. Children go outdoors at least twice a day.  During the colder wet weather, parents should provide a raincoat and gumboots.  In warmer weather, our children could spend the whole day outdoors even for meal times and snacks. Children are required to wear sunscreen and an appropriate hat.

There are climbing frames for exercising your child’s gross motors skills. A large sandpit for sensory play and water play is encouraged. There are a large variety of bikes, trikes, scooters and cars for your children to exercise their larger muscles through enjoyment.

Having a large outdoor play area comes with a bit of work! There are many different ways to get involved. We are in constant need of helpers in our garden and for minor repairs.  Play equipment is purchased through our fundraising activities and your support is always appreciated. Please speak with our centre director if you would like to help!